New Orleans


School Description

Dr. MLK, Jr. Charter School Mission: To create and maintain an orderly trusting environment where teaching and learning are innovative and exciting; where students are taught to read, write, compute, and think critically according to their fullest potential.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School was severely flooded due to high water levels caused by breaks in the Industrial Canal due to Hurricane Katrina. As a result of Hurricane Katrina and the severe flooding everyone living in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans was forced to relocate. Despite the damage, the school building itself has been found to be structurally intact. Children, faculty, and staff have been temporarily relocated to another facility, but are scheduled to return this fall in 2007. Slowly, there are signs of people moving back into the community such as home rebuilding and retail stores reopening.

Learning Landscape Description

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School for Science and Technology Campus will be a welcoming and sustainable hub promoting education, physical development, and play for the children and community residents alike. The school will act as a catalyst for revitalization while celebrating the cultural and historical richness of the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans, Louisiana.

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