HEAL Toolkit



Authors: Staff from the University of Colorado Denver Learning Landscapes Program with assistance from the HEAL project partners.

Dates: 2012 – 2014 (3 Year Program)

Working with:12 Denver Public Schools

Partners:RMC Health and Denver Public Schools

Funding Sources: The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease Competitive Grants Program​

Toolkit Elements

The Learning Landscapes Toolkit activities include all of the information that a group needs to play healthy and fun activities.

  • When to Play
  • Where to Play
  • Time needed to Play
  • Equipment Needed
  • How to Play
  • Possible changes
  • Tips
  • Suggested players
  • Cardio intensity level

Health Standards

Activities are designed to align with the Colorado Physical Education and Comprehensive Health Standards. Activities will continue to be reviewed and revised to align to these standards.

The Learning Lanscapes Toolkit

To preserve the quality and character of Learning Landscapes, the schoolyards need to be respectfully used by the schools, students and surrounding community. Developing site specific programming, such as this toolkit for physical activity, specific to the design and educational elements found on a Learning Landscape, will encourage intentional use and stewardship of the schoolyards. The toolkit is designed to promote use of the Learning Landscapes throughout the day. With activities targeted to increase physical activity before and after school, at recess, as well as during both physical education (P.E.) and class time. The activities also target the architectural features of a typical Learning Landscape.


The toolkit includes 80 activities designed to promote use of the Learning Landscapes architectural features and increase physical activity throughout the day.

The Toolkit is currently in draft form and is being piloted at DPS elementary schools who are participating in the Children’s Corridor Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) project.

Toolkit Draft